Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Haunt Couture Part II

Part two starts today, and I bring you Halloween-themed stuff for dining room and parties! I am always into any type of dinnerware and tablescape opportunities. The theme for today is for those serious Halloweenies who want to get a little darker and serious. These are not your average cartoon or whimsical decorations. I found a bunch of cool dining and entertainment possibilities for your Halloween noms! 

Love the vintage-inspired bat, black cat, owl, and spider detailing. The owls look extra spooky. I am not afraid of spiders (unless they are freakishly huge!), but not sure how I feel about a little black spider peeking out from under my appetizers. I guess anyone who is really into Halloween and all its decorations wouldn't bat an eye (of newt) over it though. Ha! I said bat! I didn't even mean to make a funny. 

Okay, this is creepy. I think it's cool, but I prefer a little whimsy with my Halloween. These two guys can be separated and holding small hanging glasses or tea lights. 

Dragon drinks!! I wonder if people who play D&D would like this at their events too. I've never played it, but maybe they are too busy to get up from the table and get a drink?! This is pretty neat. 

LOVE! Pretty cool for any dramatic event other than Halloween too. 

Snakey snakes! Would Medusa use these at her dinner party? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: Burnish

Monday is almost over, and wherever you are, you could be well into Tuesday at this time. Today I went shopping after work to get some things I needed for the kitchen...organizing things, a new knife, and a dish cloth for the kitchen, I love kitchen stuff, but those things sounds so adult and responsible. I needed to balance out the burdens of adulthood with a trip to the jewelry section; I need jewelry like I need another nose, but I hear multiple noses are in for Spring 2015.

I've been looking for some small, dainty, neutral earrings since I technically don't have anything like that in my collection. I do have understated things, but right now my whole jewelry collection consists of statement pieces or bold colors. Sometimes a whisper is the loudest statement.

That's how I feel about these beautiful earrings from Burnish, an Etsy store based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Rebekah Hemmer is the artist and designer behind Burnish. On her Etsy biography, she talks about being a busy lady with a home decor retail store, a graphic and web design business, along with Burnish. She has been making modern and simple jewelry since 2007, and Burnish has been a huge success. Check out some of my favorites below!

I'm obsessed with everything in Rebekah's line. I would love to fill my personal collection with everything from Burnish! Check out more of Burnish and Rebekah's artistic process at her Facebook page too. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fonzie's Photo Session!

I am biased, but I do think Fonzie is the cutest dog around. In order to prove this, I entered him in Mallory's Photography's first ever cutest pet contest. It ran through all of August on Facebook and votes were the likes of his picture and her business page. I really thought Fonzie was not going to win, because the other dog had double the votes of Fonzie, and there was no way he was going to catch up. It turned out to be a case of the Tortoise and the Hare, because I kept going since I think they thought Fonzie would never catch up as well.  I campaigned through all of August up until the final day. I was so happy when he won thanks to our friends and the Bichons Rock club I am in online.

Fonzie had professional pictures taken in a studio before, but they were more artistic. These pictures are of Fonzie at home outside and inside too. That evening Mallory posted some samples on Facebook, and I couldn't get enough. I cried and felt so proud of my boy. He looked so incredibly happy!! I cannot imagine the pain and sadness he felt in his horrid life before he was rescued. Now look at him!!

The courtyard where we did part of the shoot is enclosed. Dogs are not usually allowed out there, but the manager thought of it because it's so pretty out there. It was a great idea because he walked without a leash, and he was thrilled about it. Fonzie loves being an independent boy. 

Mallory graduated with high honors with a degree in photography, and she's been a photographer for about three years. She is such a nice person and very easy to be with. She takes control of the session, but she wants your suggestions too and will give guidance along the way too. She only used the natural lighting inside and outside and late afternoon was the best light. It was a fantastic day too, so that helped a lot. 

She really captured Fonzie's personality too. He is silly, sweet, happy, and she really made him smile!! Once he figured out what we wanted from him, he smized a lot, a la Tyra Banks, and gave serious looks too. He was like a real male model! 

Fonzie even got to have a photo done with his best friend Maggie!! It's like he is protecting her here since he is older and more confident too. That's pretty much their relationship. 

All I see in this picture is my big old arm, but I love the look on his face. I love the picture of us that I posted with our welcome message on the home page. If you are in Minnesota, especially in the Saint Cloud area, hire Mallory for your event!! Visit her homepage and check out her awesome prices, portfolio, and more. She travels to see you, and if you live far away, Mallory says on her site that she will work with you on travel pricing. I am telling you that IT. IS. WORTH. IT. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Haunt Couture 2014

It's the third annual installment of the series Haunt Couture!! It's our most popular series, and my favorite. I read today that there are four seasons: Spring, Winter, Summer, and Pumpkin. The day after Labor Day is all fair in love and pumpkins. Everything turns into pumpkin flavored everything. I have friends who practically set up an IV port for pumpkin spice lattes. I love pumpkin and fall decorations and home accessories. Here are a few of my favorites!

What a gorgeous watercolor pumpkin platter. I have not seen anything like this since I have been doing this series since 2012. It's so pretty!! This is good up through Thanksgiving, but there is no rules saying it is off limits in June. 

I have a bit of a fixation on drink dispensers. This is a fun one for Halloween where you can put different colored ice cubes or ice cubes with plastic spiders frozen inside. Learn to make decorative ice cubes here

Crackle glass is so beautiful in Autumn and also Christmas. Something really ethereal and classic about it. I don't know if this is very heavy, but I could imagine this being substantial. 

I love this pumpkin loaf pan! Typically I have seen the individual pumpkins, and this makes a nice alternative. It would be a great hostess gift or an addition to a harvest potluck table. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sequin Style

Hi fans! I have been thinking of you daily and wanting to get back on schedule. As always, things are crazy with my doctoral program and work. Some changes are coming with work and my responsibilities, meaning I get more to do. It's a good thing though because it means more money too. More money to spend on the future and, of course, my wardrobe.

You know I love sparkle and shine. I was reading the latest issue of Glamour, and there was a piece on sequined clothes. They were fresh and modern, not your grandma's sequins. They are fun to wear, and I am a fan of wearing them outside of New Year's Eve and Christmas. If you use them as a whisper instead of a shout, it doesn't look like you should be on a dance floor trying too hard.

This sequin accented shirt is from NeNe (hey Housewives fans!) I don't see these colors mixed often, but I like it. I would have expected the monochromatic look, but I like that it's not that. Pair with something for an edgy look or dress down for a simple shopping trip. 

Love me some cardigans. This kimono cardigan would be great for going out to dinner or meeting up with friends. You could put this over a simple office outfit to snazz up your evening. I love how it's styled in this picture with the casual pant instead of a fancy skirt or trousers. It's not trying too hard. Don't be afraid to flash it up a bit though. I would keep the undershirt basic though so the kimono can shine---no pun intended. 

I've loved a peter pan collar since birth. Made of sequins? Score. 

For you skull fans. It's another peter pan sequin collar too. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yay or Nay: Denim

Did you catch the recent issue of Glamour magazine with Katie Holmes on the cover? It was the jeans issue, so she was obviously in jeans. The big poop was that she was in high waisted jeans a.k.a. mom jeans. High waisted pants are back in a big way. The fashion folks say they are flattering on lots of figures, but I don't know about that. I became a teenager in 1986, and jeans were plenty high in those days through the 1990s. Apparently 90s fashion is a big deal now, so I sum this up to the fashion reboot. I don't think I am big on mom jeans even though my mom wears them, but she's adorable so everything works on her. Here are some other jeans for a yay or a nay. 

Ripped jeans were always sort of in, and I hated them when they were big when I was young. Nay. Nay. Nay. Please try to explain to me why people like them so much. 

No worries to skinny jeans fans because they are not going anywhere. Wide leg jeans and boot cuts are back in a big way!! The way to wear these jeans are with heels unless you buy something with a shorter length for flats. If you think that a shoe isn't supposed to cover up your entire shoe, then you wouldn't be a fan of these because that's sort of the point. Dark jeans are the most flattering too. BIG. TIME. YAY. 

Trouser jeans are the same concept as the above mentioned boot cut jeans. Yay! 

Have you noticed the trend in jeans going a bit nineties? These were 80s too because I had a pink pair of jeans like these. These jeans come in all kinds of easter egg colors including swirly jeans. They are great for some people, but not for this person. Nay. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yay or Nay: Nails

Welcome to a week of Yay or Nay. I play this game on our facebook page sometimes but haven't for awhile. It's always interesting to see what some people like or loathe! Try it on your page sometime! Nail art is big these days. It's fun to play with texture, colors, glitter, studs, and decals. I have a few nail things to show you. Decals, beads, sequins, stickers, glitter, artwork: it's all major in 2014 and has been for some time. I want to know what you think. Yay or nay?

When did pointed nails become a thing? I remember seeing them for the first time on Adele, but they were probably in far before that. They remind me of Disney villains like Cruella DeVille. I have seen them on other women on television, but not in person. These would be great for picking up something soft because you could just spear it! Yes, I know that't not the point, but I am about what's logical when nothing else works. What do you think of this? It's good for an editorial or artistic look, but I don't think it would be good for an every day look. I like the rhinestones on the ring finger. I'm not a fan of the leopard print, but I think it's neat how someone can do that freehand.  The verdict: Nay but with a dash of yay if for an event. 

Geometric shapes are very in for the past two years. These nail decals have been everywhere too. I saw a package of some awesome decals at one of my favorite stores in Saint Paul the other day. I am going to pick them up and do a show and tell one day here. I like them on short nails, because it gives a fun blast to small fingers. Love the neutral background to let the gold decals stand out. This might be good for work depending on where you work, and your office environment. I am not sure if I would wear them at my job, but I might do one finger. I like this as an alternative to a "younger" version of painted flowers which I have seen on so many fancy grandmothers lately. I have no issues with getting older, but I don't want to be a fashion rival with my grandma. The verdict: Yay! 

Love the idea of a colorful french manicure. I love it without the nude colored nail polish more than what is shown here. Love the pastels, and it would be very cute with neon colors. I seems sporty and cute. A single color or multicolored would be great. I have short nails so don't think it would look good with a french tip unless you are super skilled. The verdict: Yay. 

This look is recommended for a wedding day. If this is hand painted then I say that nail artist is a true "arteest" because those are some skills! Still, I personally find this look aging and dated. Maybe something for the ring finger only or for the big toe if you are going on a tropical vacation. It has the possibility of sliding over into cheesy land really fast. Verdict: Nay.

The half moon manicure has been really big lately. This DIY shows how to achieve the round sticker and make your perfect half moon. It is a long process since you have multiple colors and layers, but I think it would be worth it if you like it. You really have to have impeccable cuticles sinve the attention will be there. Clean up that nail bed, your cuticles, and fingertips. Verdict: Yay on well-groomed nails.