Monday, March 10, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: amabito

Welcome to Monday!! I have a nice little shop from Italy for you to find some unique jewelry to pretty your fantastic self up for Spring. Amabito is our shop today from Italy. Its artist and owner Roberta graduated from college with a Biomedical Engineering degree and worked in the field for several years. She took some classes on making hand blown glass beads for fun and it turned into her little business!

Roberta always made jewelry out of paper and crafts when she was a child, and her grandfather made wooden boats. She has artistic flair and creating in her DNA. Now Roberta is married with children and she enjoys making her lovely jewelry in her home in Italy. I love her simple shapes and eye for lovely colors. I can just feel her love and care for her family and creation in all of her pieces.

Side note: Amabito is a combination of letters from the names of family members! If you are interested in seeing more jewelry, visit Amabito at Etsy or follow her at Pinterest, Facebook, or go to her blog! Now check out my favorite things from the shop!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Red Carpet Realness

Did you watch the Oscars? I watch them pretty much every year, mostly for the fashion. I root for some movies, and this year I was into a few of the films--12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club; I'm so glad my choices won! Ellen did a fantastic job and kept me laughing! I loved so many of the dresses this year too. These were a few of my favorites:

Even if you aren't into dressing up, I think it would feel amazing to be at such an event. All the energy and excitement!! I would love to get dressed up for this type of event!  I have never done a post of Oscar gowns before, but I have been inspired after the Oscars! I also LOVE the website Net-A-Porter even though I could never fit into anything on this site, and even if I could, I could NEVER afford anything on the site! It's pure designer and most things are expensive. To quote Macklemore, "Fifty dollars for a tshirt?" That's okay if you want to do that, and I have paid far too much for a piece of clothing. You have to make it worth it though, and only you can determine that.

Here are my choices for some really pretty gowns that I would wear in my fantasy Oscar life!

I've watched enough Fashion Police through the years (before FP was what it is now), and I know Herve Leger is known for making sexy and tight dresses that hug every curve on the hourglass shape. This probably wouldn't look as flattering on someone with a very slender frame, but with someone with hips and boobs. I think the your girls need to be controlled in a dress like this though. You can easily go from sexy to trashy with too much boobage!! 

This color isn't great on me, but would be so pretty on someone with an olive skin tone or darker. Love this champagne color and the cut of the dress. So pretty! 

Love how ornate this is and would be great with some silver bangles.

This is one of my favorite colors!! 

Love the fairy tale sense of this gown. So pretty. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Favorites: Tiffany Blue

I adore this color which is like a lighter robin's egg color and synonymous for the pretty blue boxes from Tiffany & Co. I watch the cooking show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" on Food Network, and her entire kitchen is accented in Tiffany Blue and similar shades. Love it!! If you want to do this color for a wedding, then you are in luck because there are a billion things out there specifically for weddings.

If you can't find exact Tiffany Blue shades, you can do a very light teal or aqua because they are quite similar. Aside from wedding stuff, here are a sampling of some awesome Tiffany Blue things.

I always seem to have a pair of pretty rose earrings in my collection. 
These earrings by Pacifica, CA company with a great name--
Tiffany Blue Shop--specializes in making items for a color themed wedding 

These aren't spot-on Tiffany Blue but a very similar shade

Give me chevron any day! 

Love the combo of gold and Tiffany Blue. Sweet necklace. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cozy Cuddles

I don't remember how old I was in grade school when I came home and found out my mom threw my beloved blanket away. It was mint, velvety with satin trim, and on the brink of disintegration. I was just breaking it in, and my mom thought it was gross and unnecessary for me to have a blanket. I didn't take it anywhere, but I just wanted it at night. When I looked for it after school, I asked my mom where my blanket was and she told me she threw it out. I cried--no, bawled--and wept so long thinking of my beloved blanket in some garbage heap somewhere.

I still love a good blanket, but I don't need one for security or sleeping anymore, but they sure help when I am cold. They're great for pops of color too. Fonzie loves a blanket too. He got one for Christmas with paw prints all over it, and he rests his head on it when he's in his livingroom bed. Yes, he is just so adorable.

I found some cool blankets ranging for different ages. Which would you choose?

I wouldn't turn my nose up to a sock monkey blanket

This would be amazing in my neutral palate livingroom! 

I love elephants and the thought of one-of-a-kind

This is a duvet so not technically a blanket but you could put it over your 
comforter on your bed. It's too amazing to pass up 
and I know many BQ fans will love it! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crazy for Coral!

I'm really into all the coral colors coming out this spring!! I have typically not been a fan of this color since it never looked great on me in the past. There is something about all the coral things coming out now that seems so fresh and modern. The hue reminds me of beaches, sun-kissed skin, warm sand between my toes, San Tropz, and turquoise waters. These thoughts are definitely much needed here in Minnesota where the snow banks are high and the temperatures are record lows! Check out some of my favorite coral things!

I love the classic simplicity of this sweet dress. The reviews say the dress is perfect but the belt is say too small. That is unfortunate because it adds to the charm of the dress. This would be great for a wedding or a special event. 

Love the vintage inspired look of these shoes. 
They would be cute with a neutral bottom like grey trousers or white shorts. 

I have always had cute rose earrings like this, and the rhinestone/pearl combo is very special. These would go with the above dress, but it may be a bit too matchy-matchy for me, so I would pair it with either gold jewelry or something complimentary like a turquoise earring or another type of blue or even a neutral. 

I love this top!! It would be perfect for layering. 
This particular neon coral is a vivid and saturated color that pops! 

What do you think of coral? Love it? Hate it? 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: Ginew

Hey there! I'm back from my time off! I am still working on developing Team Fonzie. It's still developing and I missed BQ so I'm back. Today's Marvelous Finds Monday focuses on something that I adore....string lights!! They may remind you of Christmas or an outdoors party, but they are good for every room and every event. 

I have been inspired by my dear friend/second mom Donna who always has festive string lights on her fireplace mantel and she always has them lit up! They may change up every month or for different seasons, but they are always fun and homey. 

These handmade lights from Thai handmade Etsy company Ginew gives you natural and environmental friendly materials crafted into all types of shapes from simple to complex. Reviews are solid, customer service is good, and they are quite responsive to making their customers happy. 

Ginew's inspiration comes from natural light and glitter of fireflies in the dark night. The perfect combination of the natural beauty and the flowers colors makes for a great mood in any room where you place the lights. Ginew says their concepts and designs of their products are trendy and regularly updated, so there is always something new! So many companies cannot say that. How special, right? 

I have string lights at home all the time and also my office. I get lots of compliments about the simple lights in my office. They brighten up every space and make people smile!!  There are lots of different shapes of animals for a nursery or child's room, and nods to different holidays. Truly tons of options. Check out more of my favorites and check out Ginew on Etsy today!! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking a Break for Team Fonzie

Hi all. You've probably noticed that I haven't been around much lately. Well, I have a new project that needs my attention. It's our sister site, Team Fonzie which focuses on educating others about rescuing, puppy mills, and Coco's Heart Dog Rescue! I'm really excited about it and I hope you will love TF as much as you love BQ!

BQ will be on hiatus for a while so please dig into the archives and get on Team Fonzie!!

Visit the new site here!