Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paw-ty Animals!

Fonzie and I celebrated our birthdays last week. He never had a party before, so it was a first for him. He gets easily worn out by lots of action from humans and dogs. I knew I wanted Fonz to have a fun birthday bash after I got to know him when I adopted him in August 2013. He may not know the difference, but a lot of these things benefit the owners too, right? I get a lot of joy from knowing he is having a party with all his dog and human friends when until a year ago he lived in a small cage always feeling dirty, hungry, cold or hot, and unloved. What a difference!

Fonzie and I requested that all gifts go to Coco's Heart Dog Rescue and sent a wish list to all guests. We got leashes, gift cards, toys, treats, and so much more!! A dog-themed party for your furry friend or your kid (or you!) is easy to do. I ordered invitations from Tiny Prints since they had invites designed for a dog party. A little pricey, but I love to throw a party, and it was for myself too. I discovered I can design paper invitations just as cute, so I will be doing that next year to save a bundle. I use my favorite digital prints stores Lilly Bimble and MyGrafico for design....don't forget Etsy of course.

I did a selfie station with a shiny backdrop and some fun props like dog party hats (got them at a local dog boutique) and other things from Party City.

Treat gift bags were provided for all the doggy guests!

I found these cute dog favor bags for less than 2$ on clearance at Target. 

My favorite part was the pupcakes I made topped with a tiny dog biscuit and a round of carrot. I found this awesome fire hydrant cupcake stand from Oriental Trading Company too. The dogs loved them!!

The humans had sloppy joes, calico beans, an amazing pasta salad, and lots of other delicious things. The cake was from Taste of Love Bakery in West Saint Paul.

Call me a crazy dog lady, and it was super fun! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: The Loving Paw

Hi Friends! Okay, life has returned to normal after my birthday, Fonzie's big party (pics coming tomorrow!) and catching up on school work. I'm doing some additional and fun duties with my volunteer work with the rescue too like creating a new pinterest account for the rescue (click here to follow CHDR's pinterest page) and I was searching some gifts for dog lovers for a pinterest board. I stumbled across this great company on Etsy called The Loving Paw. Their handmade products are designed for dog and dog lovers.

Alexis Enright is the owner and designer of The Loving Paw, and her passion for pooches (and their functional fashion!) started like it did for many of us. She rescued her dog Cocoa in 2010 and learned about the dog rescue world. It's a tough world to understand because you see these wonderful dogs who love unconditionally, but so many are euthanized every day because of overbreeding, lack of care, and abandonment. Alexis could have taken Cocoa and never thought about homeless dogs again, but instead she used her talent to make wonderful custom and handmade tags, jewelry, gifts for pets and pet lovers. All items by The Loving Paw are made to benefit animal rescue organizations around the country. 

In 2010, Alexis Enright rescued her first dog. Her experience at the animal shelter was something she will never forget - not just because she welcomed Cocoa into her life, but because she had learned how many animals are uncared for and too often euthanized. Rather than sit with this realization, Alexis became an avid supporter of animal rescue and started The Loving Paw in 2012. 

As someone who likes to spoil her dog AND buy original goods, I love these creations. They are clever, witty, sweet, and original. If you are someone who likes to dress up her dog, then why have your dog wear an ID tag that can be purchased at any store? Go for something handmade and fun! The tags are aluminum, lightweight, and comfortable for your pet. 

Show off your dog love pride with these wonderful bangles too. They come in either gold or silver and have either rescue or adopt. shirts or jewelry too. LOVE. Personally, I would get silver with rescue. Once you go rescue, you never want to do anything else. It's a place of pride for me, and I want everyone to know that I love rescue dogs. 

The tshirts come in either grey or peach. So cute!! 

Bonus! like The Loving Paw's Facebook page to receive 10% off your order! Don't forget to keep up with them on Twitter too. Check out a few more of my favorites!! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Don't be Jelly of My Mint

Wednesday was my birthday along with Fonzie's birthday too. It was a really great day, and I felt loved and happy. I know Fonzie did too because I gave him special stuff to eat, and he was very sleepy too, but that's typical for my furry man. He ate a little toooo much, but that was my fault.

I didn't do anything particular on my birthday because I am saving it all for our big party on Sunday. It's going to be great!! So many of my favorite people will be there along with my favorite things from dogs to laughing. and lots of nice color accents around the room. Uh, of course I got a lot of things in turquoise, aqua, and mint!

They have been my color obsessions for some time, and mint hasn't faded as a favorite color. I usually don't like pastels that much, but I can't resist this color for two summer seasons now! I'm glad the trend is still going. It takes me back to another time when household items came in funky mint color. Ironically, I am not big into the taste of mint, but I do like mojitos now. Anyway, here are some of my favorite mint things for you today!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teegan Power

My kindergarten report card said something like I spoke only a few words all year. I was beyond shy, and timid. I lacked any confidence in myself when it came to friendships and social interaction. I never knew what to say. Inside I wanted to be as outwardly creative as I felt inside, but I was too afraid. Now as an adult, I am not even a sliver as shy as I used to be. I love how much more confident lots of girls can be now. I didn't have that skill. 

This is what makes me so excited when I see a little girl acting free, creative, and confident. If you are not a long time reader, then you may not be familiar with a special little girl in my life named Teegan, the little sweetheart in all the pictures. She is 5 years young, and adjectives used to describe her include pistol, confident, smart, hilarious, and so many other things that accurately describe this wonderful little girl. She has a zest for life, and she is beyond determined. Parents, you know that can be tough when your child fights for what he or she wants and creates an argument so solid or ridiculous that you eventually cave. It doesn't make it any easier when they are as cute as this kid. 

Teegan loves to wear a tutu every day of her life. She has always adored them; she was born a tough little princess. Teegan can't be defined as "all girl" or "tom boy" because she is just Teegan. Isn't it refreshing to not be defined by a boxed-in identity, but just you?! 

I love her silliness and her bright attitude towards life. She is ready to tackle anything that comes her way. Love her poses and her outfit choices. I commend her mother Tonya for allowing her to pick out her own outfits and wear them, even if they don't match at all. I think this allows kids to grow in their confidence and feel proud. They don't know how to not personalize things so if an adult they love says "that looks awful. You can't wear that" they may feel ashamed for think that they are awful instead of the clothes. 

Everyone needs a little Teegan Power!!

How will you be brave today? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: Jaros Designs

Today's MFM is insane. I literally LOVE every single piece in this store. There is not one thing that I would not buy; that is rare. Jaros Designs out of Illinois is a special find of beautiful jewels, clean lines, rich colors, and minimalist beauty. Analisa Jaros says she loves making jewelry, and it was born out of a passion for her hobby of making jewelry. Her studio is in her home where she lives with her husband, daughter, and furry kids.

These designs would be perfect for a bridal party, and she accommodates jewelry just for that purpose too. I find jewelry for every occasion here from t-shirts and jeans to a dressed up maxi dress and heels. Her prices are more than fair, and everything is just beyond creative and dear. Don't hesitate to go to Jaros Design at Etsy and also connect with Jaros on her Facebook, Twitter, blog, and Pinterest sites. Check out a few of my favorites! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Graphic Content

LOVE me a graphic t-shirt! I think this picture was taken in 1981, and I had this awesome sauce pegasus rainbow t-shirt. There was this store in my hometown where you walk in and pick out the vinyl print of your choice and get it ironed on your shirt of choice with this huge hot iron press machine. It was the joy of my little life. I always got an animal, rainbow, or unicorn shirt. Unicorns were the shit back then, and I had unicorn everything. 

My love for the graphic t-shirt never died although that pegasus shirt died not long after wearing it all the time. The graphic broke up and peeled away, but that doesn't happen anymore. We've come a long way, baby. Check out my favorite graphic t-shirts below! 

Love me a dog wearing glasses and a bowtie. This shirt from Simply Be makes me smile. 

This shirt from from Fashion To Figure specializes in fantastic plus sized clothes. 

I'm seeing a pattern here of cute animals wearing glasses. 

90s realness with this shirt from Urban Outfitters

This shirt from Snorg Tees will be impossible to see on me because I'm crafty like a ninja. Oh, and look at this washcloth I just crocheted, and the scrapbook page I constructed about this posting. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Essential Summer Bags

Happy 4th of July!! If it's hot then you may be at the beach or hanging out at your cottage or camp. If you are going anywhere this summer, a cute bag is essential for loading up all your crap. I found a bunch of bags that I love ranging from chic to geek. Love them!! Which is your favorite?

It's a fun play on words and a plea for paradise. 

Turquoise is a longtime favorite color of mine. Linen is perfect for the summer too. This can go anywhere from the farmer's market to a lovely day trip. 

There are lots of mushroom fans out there--the non-drug kind!

If you want a smaller pouch, this with a painted stripe is adorable!! 

These Disney Princesses are designed in a vintage tattoo style.