Monday, March 10, 2014

Marvelous Finds Monday: amabito

Welcome to Monday!! I have a nice little shop from Italy for you to find some unique jewelry to pretty your fantastic self up for Spring. Amabito is our shop today from Italy. Its artist and owner Roberta graduated from college with a Biomedical Engineering degree and worked in the field for several years. She took some classes on making hand blown glass beads for fun and it turned into her little business!

Roberta always made jewelry out of paper and crafts when she was a child, and her grandfather made wooden boats. She has artistic flair and creating in her DNA. Now Roberta is married with children and she enjoys making her lovely jewelry in her home in Italy. I love her simple shapes and eye for lovely colors. I can just feel her love and care for her family and creation in all of her pieces.

Side note: Amabito is a combination of letters from the names of family members! If you are interested in seeing more jewelry, visit Amabito at Etsy or follow her at Pinterest, Facebook, or go to her blog! Now check out my favorite things from the shop!

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